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Bill Number(s): SB 117
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Introduced 03/15/07
Committee Assigned EPU

Ohio Senate Bill 117, which was introduced on March 15, 2007, will divest Ohio local governments of their cable/video franchising authority and will cost Ohio municipalities and townships millions of dollars in revenue and telecommunications support. The purpose of this letter is to inform you of the grave danger that S.B. 117 poses to municipal Home Rule authority, the fiscal health of Ohio's cities, villages and townships, and local community growth and to ask for your help in stopping the Bill.

Effectively opposing this unconstitutional proposal will take an enormous effort by local governments, school districts, and public interest organizations throughout the State of Ohio. Local governments must act now if they are to preserve their cable franchise authority and prevent further erosion of Home Rule authority. Therefore, we request your immediate participation in the opposition to S.B. 117 through local legislative action, voicing your objection to the State Legislature, and providing a contribution toward the necessary funding of the efforts of Local Voice Ohio, a non-profit, state-wide coalition working to stop the Bill.

Threat Analysis:

A full summary of S.B. 117 is presented in the enclosed Client Briefing. As you will see, the Bill:

► Slashes franchise fees paid to communities by cable television operators by reducing the revenue base upon which they are calculated.

► Allows cable operators to abandon their current cable franchises.

► Significantly reduces local control of the Public Right Of Way (PROW).

► Bans Institutional Networks provided by cable companies for schools and local governments.

► Severely limits Public, Educational & Governmental (PEG) Access Channels.

► Eliminates Funding for PEG Access.

source: Local Voice Ohio

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