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FL: Supporters of bill to create more competition for cable TV reveal plan

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Created 04/16/2007 - 7:12pm

Note: TV4US is a notorious astroturf organization paid for by the telephone companies to build support for telco legislation.

from: Tampa Bay 10 [1]

Supporters of bill to create more competition for cable TV reveal plan

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — Supporters of a bill that would make it easier for telephone companies to offer video services to Floridians distributed thousands of petitions in support of the plan to state lawmakers today.

The group “TV4US Florida” says it gathered more than 30,000 postcards from people who support changes to the state's cable television franchise system.

SA Note: these TV4US campaigns are full of misleading information and false claims that benefit the telco positions.

The proposal would strip local governments of their authority to negotiate cable franchise agreements and turn that power over to the state.

Supporters say that would allow companies to seek approval from one state agency, instead of negotiating deals with 67 counties and hundreds of cities.

They believe the new system would boost competition and result in more video choices, lower costs and better service for consumers.

TV4US spokesman Todd Josko says cable bills have dropped in other states with competitive markets.

SA Note: there is no clear or consistent evidence of pricing dropping in states where legislation has passed.

Members of TV4US handed out the postcards to members of the Florida Senate, who have not voted on the bill yet. The legislation has passed the House.

Critics of the plan do not believe it offers enough protection for consumers who don't live in the areas that companies consider the most profitable.

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