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MI: Comcast moving local public access channels to digital service

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Created 01/02/2008 - 9:02am

from: Heritage Newspapers [1]

Comcast moving local public access channels to digital service

PUBLISHED: January 2, 2008

Customers of Comcast cable television in Dearborn should know that Comcast is moving CDTV, the city of Dearborn's government channel, from channel 12 to channel 915 on Jan. 15.

This Comcast change requires many people to take additional steps in order to view CDTV, including City Council meetings.

The city of Dearborn has opposed this move.

Comcast is also moving other channels that carry Dearborn school board meetings and public access programming. Viewing these channels, known as public education and government (PEG) channels, also will require additional steps for many Comcast customers.

Comcast customers who do not have Comcast digital TV service or a newer TV that can accept digital signals will not be able to watch CDTV unless they get a digital converter box from Comcast.

Comcast has indicated that it will provide the digital converter boxes free to its customers for a year. After that, customers will have to pay a fee: the current cost is approximately $4.50 per month, per box.

Details can be found in information sent by Comcast in the most recent cable bill. This information says: "Current Basic and Preferred Basic Customers can continue to receive PEG programming by acquiring a digital converter, digital service or compatible equipment. For more information on how to continue receiving PEG programming, call (877) 824-2884."

Comcast will mail a digital converter box to customers upon request. For a fee, Comcast will install the digital converter box. Contact Comcast for details.

Comcast customers with concerns about this situation can contact the city of Dearborn, which will discuss the concerns with Comcast. E-mail or call the Department of Public Information at Dearborn City Hall at (313) 943-2285.

Dearborn customers of WOW Cable are unaffected by this situation, and can continue to view CDTV on its current location — channel 10.

Comcast customers should note that Jan. 15 is also the date of the presidential primary. To view Dearborn results of the primary on CDTV, Comcast customers will need to receive digital channel 915.

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