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Posted on February 23, 2007 - 12:44pm.

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SB 209 Read Bill

1/26/07 - SB 209, “State Franchising Authority for Video Services,” was introduced into the Senate by Curts Bramble (R-16).
2/21/07 - SB 209 has passed the third reading in the Senate and was “circled.”
2/23/2007 Senate/ floor amendment S3RD
2/23/2007 Senate/ pass 3rd HCLERK 24 0 5
2/23/2007 Senate/ to House with amendments HCLERK
2/23/2007 House/ received from Senate HCLERK
2/23/2007 House/ read 1st time (Introduced) HSTRUL
2/28/2007 House/ enacting clause struck SSEC
2/28/2007 House/ to Senate SSEC
2/28/2007 Senate/ filed

SB-209 is a Qwest-backed bill on the fast-track for passage in the Utah Senate. The bill would make the state Dept. of Commerce the franchising authority. Incumbents cable operators cannot opt out of existing municipal franchises, but can use a state franchise to enter new markets. The bill would give the state 30 days to review franchise applications for completeness.

The bill is opposed by cable companies, as well as civic groups and municipalities who say it discriminates against cable incumbents and keep municipalities from protecting their residents from market abuses.

No buildout requirements, although redlining is prohibited.

Franchise Fees
Local franchise fees are capped at 5%.

New entrants must match the number of public access channels provided by the incumbent.

Consumer Protections
Unresolved service complaints and disputes are referred to the state court.

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