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Posted on April 16, 2006 - 8:54pm.

About Us
This site is managed by a number of individuals involved in various aspects of community media and the struggle for a democratic media. The site is not associated with any specific non-profit organization, nor does it receive any operating funds of any kind (either corporate, non-corporate or foundation related). This is a zero-profit web site. Several people, and the press, have asked if we're funded by the cable companies, the answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT! We hope that is clear enough.

Please support our work! No, we don't want money, we want 15 minutes of your time spent on spreading word of these issues and this site to others. Please support our efforts by making them your own!

This site is hosted by May First/People Link a progressive web host serving nonprofit organizations. These are folks who understand PEG - and specialize in Drupal hosting.

Contact Us
Email us at info@save access.org

How to Use This Site
This site began back in April 2006. It's primary work has been to track legislative issues and news articles around PEG and Local Video Franchising in order to serve the PEG community. We've also launched a few campaigns around these issues and can now count on thousands of supporters (thanks!).

Built in Drupal, the site has excellent search capabilities to help you find specific info. Use the search field in the header to seek out keywords in articles. Use the "categories" links found in articles to filter only articles on that topic. Still can't find what you're looking for - email us - we may be able to help.

You can also subscribe to the rss feed or add it to your own local web site. It's the only regular feed for PEG related news and legislation updates - and we update it nearly daily: http://saveaccess.org/blog/2/feed.

Subscribe to our Alerts listserve
We only use the email list to send out alerts on national and state campaigns that may effect you. This is very low traffic, so far less than 10 messages a year. If you have sent a letter through one of our campaigns - you are already subscribed. If not, go to:


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