WI: Reach Out and Misuse Someone's Name

Posted on May 21, 2007 - 4:36pm.

from: PR Watch

Reach Out and Misuse Someone's Name


As mentioned in a previous Spin, a Wisconsin branch of the AT&T astroturf group TV4US is "backing a bill to deregulate the state's cable TV franchise system." TV4US recently gave all 132 Wisconsin state legislators thick binders filled with names of state residents who it claims support the cable franchise bill. However, the list includes two lawmakers who voted against the bill in the state Assembly. "Apparently I couldn't convince myself," joked state Rep. Joe Parisi. The other legislator, state Rep. Sondy Pope Roberts, "said she made the discovery after a constituent called to say her husband's name was also erroneously included. ... Pope Roberts said she is now skeptical of the entire binder." Parisi questions the "piles of letters that all look alike that are generated by a large lobby group spending thousands and thousands of dollars." TV4US Wisconsin's Thad Nation (a PR professional and political consultant) couldn't explain why Pope Roberts was listed, but said Parisi's name might have been included because he signed up for email updates on the group's website.