MO: Blunt Announces AT$T to Receive Tax Credits

Posted on October 31, 2007 - 8:48pm.

Note: Absurd. At&T was given immense giveaways in the state franchise - in granting tax credits, Gov. Blunt is merely paying back the campaign donations he received from AT&T with tax-payer dollars. Meanwhile, PEG enters are closing down in parts of Missouri . . .

from: Branson Agent

Blunt Announces AT&T to Receive Tax Credits for Customer Care Call Center in Joplin - Released by Missouri Governors Office

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

JOPLIN - Gov. Matt Blunt announced today that the Missouri Department of Economic Development (DED) has approved state tax credits for $1,828,596 over a five-year benefit period for AT&T under the Enhanced Enterprise Zone program. The credits will be utilized for a new facility located at 4001 S. Richard Joseph Blvd. The business operations at the project facility will be a customer care call center for wireless business customers.

"I applaud the leaders in Joplin for working together to attract investment and create jobs," Blunt said. "The Enhanced Enterprise Zone program will help further support Joplin's economic development efforts and give them a competitive edge in attracting new business opportunities. With our pro-growth, pro-jobs initiatives Missourians have created nearly 97,000 jobs since January 2005 and this announcement is another way we are helping our communities with job creation and economic development."

"This is the result of 30 years of private and public partnerships working together to bring good jobs to our state," Rep. Ron Richard said.

The department has reserved the tax credits for a five-year period based on AT&T's projections for the creation of 569 new jobs at an average wage of $23,600 and new investment of $19.4 million.

The Enhanced Enterprise Zone program was implemented in 2004. Enhanced enterprise zones are specified geographic areas designated by local governments and certified by the Department of Economic Development. Zone designation is based on certain demographic criteria, the potential to create sustainable jobs in a targeted industry and a demonstrated impact on local cluster development.

Legislation Gov. Blunt signed this year is bringing needed competition to Missouri's cable television industry that is resulting in new jobs and new investments in technology. Since the governor signed the legislation AT&T Missouri announced plans to invest $335 million over the next three years to bring cutting edge communication and Internet services to Missourians and CenturyTel announced plans to add up to 15 new jobs and $15 million in capital investment in Columbia.

The legislation enacts a statewide cable franchise agreement to promote lower prices and expanded options through increased competition for Missouri cable consumers. The legislation streamlines the process for new cable providers to enter Missouri markets. Companies may now work directly with the Missouri Public Service Commission to enter several local markets at one time without going through each individual city as required by past state laws.

Additionally, earlier this month the governor announced the creation of the Rural High-Speed Internet Access Task Force to identify opportunities to increase access to technology throughout Missouri.

Gov. Blunt has made growing Missouri's economy and expanding opportunities to Missouri's working families a high priority. Since January 2005 Missouri's employers have built on the pro-jobs, pro-growth policies enacted by the governor and the General Assembly by adding an impressive 96,800 jobs. Successful legislation like workers' compensation and lawsuit reforms helped level the playing field for job creators. The Missouri Quality Jobs Act is helping create jobs that pay good wages and that provide health care benefits for employees.

Missouri's economic growth under the governor's leadership has also allowed lawmakers to cut taxes for Missourians including cutting the tax on Social Security benefits and providing tax relief by allowing Missourians to deduct the cost of their health insurance premiums.

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