More media on AT$T replacement of batteries

Posted on January 17, 2008 - 10:51am.

More Media on AT&T replacement of batteries
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Our Jan 12th story on the Christmas morning explosion of an AT&T VRAD cabinet in Wauwatosa WI was picked up Tuesday, Jan 15th by LightReading. The exposure led to an AT&T announcement that they would replace all 17,000 Avestor lithium batteries in their U-verse network (across 22 states). AT&T proposed no timeline for this effort but hopefully they will complete the replacement before further incidents.

The mainstream media was sluggish to follow-up on the story, a little surprising since so many of these cabinets and batteries are already on streets around the country. A few of the recent articles:

AT&T to replace batteries after explosions, fires (Reuters)
AT&T to replace explosive batteries (Calgary Herald)
AT&T replacing batteries (Journal Sentinel - WI)
Fires forcing AT&T to replace batteries (
Fourth AT&T Cable Box Explodes, Darn You, Lithium Batteries! (Consumerist)
Exploding Batteries Plague AT&T's U-verse (Information Week)
Next up for AT&T’s U-Verse … Battery Replacement (IT Business Edge)
Going Green Merits Yellow Light (Information Week)
AT&T reverses supplier of U-Verse batteries (Capital Times - WI)

Avestor Battery

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