CT: U-Verse:cable comparison of PEG

Posted on March 9, 2008 - 8:18am.

from: CTN

U-Verse:cable comparison of PEG

Over the past few months, AT&T has introduced its U-Verse to Connecticut. In the past week, the state legislature (in short session this year) has started to introduce amendments to the Certified Video Service Competition law from last year. On 3/8/08, the proposed bill had a hearing for almost 4 hours.

Connecticut has a 9-year-old public affairs network covering state government a la C-SPAN, available 24/7 on the basic tier of all cable companies in the state, funded thru a gross receipts tax on all cable companies. AT&T proposed to provide this Connecticut Network (CT-N) in the same fashion as the local PEG organizations. The CT-N president was so bothered about this, he took a flight to Clinton, Michigan to record a side-by-side comparison of PEG delivery by cable and by U-Verse.

It takes time to load, but can be seen here

The hearing where he announced this link, held by the Energy & Technology committee, was recorded by CT-N. The agenda had 18 more bills to be heard after the community access TV bill, so the program could run a bit long. It probably won't be cablecast until Monday or so. Most programs (identified by event and date) are available on the CT-N website

Pua Ford
Woodbridge (CT) Govt. Access TV

The coverage of the hearing is available on the CT-N website

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