GA: Georgia Alert - Call the Senate

Posted on March 22, 2007 - 6:03pm.


Late last night HB 227 passed in the House and was sent to the Senate. Senator Schafer (404-656-0048) is the Chairman of the Regulated Utilities Committee. Please call Senator Schafer’s office and every Senator on the attached list. It is imperative that we let them know we are opposed to the state video franchise bill and it is not good for ALL Georgians because of the issues below:

1. No build-out requirements
2. Allows for redlining
3. No language for net neutrality
4. Removes control from the local government
5. Poor customer service and local enforcement provisions
6. Eliminates public access funding, limits channels the number of channels and creates outrageous program requirements
7. Does not provide adequate acceptance or transmission of PEG channels
8. Inadequate language for providing free cable service to public schools and libraries

This is the last chance we have in trying to keep this bill from passing. Please ask everyone you know across the state to make every effort to help by calling and emailing. Producers please discuss this issue on your shows and use a graphic on the bottom portion of the screen giving his name and number to call. Senator Schafer’s number (404-656-0048).

If you have any questions, please let me know and thanks for your help!


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