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Posted on February 19, 2007 - 6:49pm.

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Bill Number(s):
SB 284 Read Bill

Passed in Senate and signed into law by Governor on March 22. Law in effect August 28, 2007
1/16/2007 S First Read
2/15/2007 SS for SCS, as amended, S adopted S272
2/15/2007 Perfected S272
2/19/2007 Reported Truly Perfected S Rules Committee
2/20/2007 S Formal Calendar S Bills for Third Reading
2/22/2007 Referred H Special Committee on Utilities Committee
3/22/2007 Signed by Governor

SB 284 has been introduced in the Senate. This is very similar to last year’s SB 816 with some changes to satisfy the cable industry. The new legislation would let both telcos and cablecos seek a single state franchise, which would allow them to offer service anywhere in the Missouri without the need of local approval. New language allows incumbents to apply for a state franchise immediately.

Buildout requirements have also changed — for the worse. In last year’s bill, competing telcos were required to eventually phase in their TV service to the full area served by the local cable company, instead of serving only the most densely populated or potentially profitable parts of a city. In this year’s bill, AT&T must provide access to its video service to at least 25 percent of its statewide households within three years. It also requires that within three years of beginning video service, at least 25 percent of the households served by any provider must be in low-income areas — or 30 percent in low-income areas within five years.
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