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Posted on February 19, 2007 - 11:02am.

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Bill Number(s):
A1423 Read Bill inactive
S744 Read Bill inactive
A4871 Read Bill inactive
A3980-B Read Bill Active
S5124 (companion to A3980) Active

Status: A03980B - Active, revised 4/12
Omnibus telecommunications reform act of 2007
01/30/2007 referred to consumer affairs and protection
03/08/2007 amend (t) and recommit to consumer affairs and protection
03/08/2007 print number 3980a
03/16/2007 reference changed to corporations, authorities and commissions
04/12/2007 amend and recommit to corporations, authorities and commissions
04/12/2007 print number 3980b

A3980 Description:
This bill guarantees that new communications technologies will be offered to communities throughout the state, protects Network Neutrality, and provides capacity and funding for public access channels.

Net Neutrality
This bill protects Network Neutrality. In addition to prohibiting phone and cable companies from blocking sites and services, it prevents the provider of charging some sites more money in exchange for better or faster service or degrading the speed of another site. It even establishes grounds for termination of the franchise license if found in violation of Net Neutrality.

Video Franchising
The bill allows but does not require cable operators to file statewide franchises with the state. The state has 15 days to review an application for completeness, and unless incomplete, must grant the franchise within 60 days.

Build-Out Requirements
This bill does have a reasonable build-out requirement. Providers must make service available across New York within 3 years for larger communities and 6 years for smaller communities, as long as the providers are serving a substantial portion of the state with phone service. The cable company selecting the state franchise (and opting out of local agreements) cannot reduce its existing service. Redlining could bring on fines.

PEG/Public Access TV
The bill requires a match of existing PEG channel capacity and provides some flexibility for channel capacity. The bill requires the providers to pay 2% support to PEG, and if the provider is paying more than 2%, it may pay that higher rate, but no more than 3%.

Community Internet
No provisions.

Source: Free Press State Policy Tracker (Free Press supports this bill)

A4871 Description:
Sets a 30 day shot clock on Municipalities to decide on video franchise applications.

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New Media Alliance

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