Day of Out(R)age Reportbacks

Posted on May 24, 2006 - 9:51pm.
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We have some report-backs with media and articles from the May 24th actions. Check it out!

Below are reports from the Day of Out(R)age actions in Boston, Chicago, San Francisco and New York. See the original protest pages here.

National Media
CNET (with photos)
Protestors Face Off with Verizon, AT&T
MultiChannel News
Verizon Can Hear Protesters Now
Wired News Online
AT&T Protest
Free Press Media Minutes
Audio Program
Out of the Box with Alex Ansary
video program

Boston Coverage
Coverage from ACME BOSTON (Video)
Report from Andy Carvin
Media Policy Blog (Media Galore!)

Chicago Coverage
Reports from Chicago Media Action photos)

San Francisco
Story from IndyBay
Chasing off AT&T at Giants Stadium Video

New York Coverage
Complete Audio of the New York Rally:
Photos of the New York Rally:
Article by NYC IMC

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