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Statewide Video Franchising Legislation
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With Federal legislation stalled in 2006 and unlikely for 2007, telephone companies have quickly turned to their Plan B: Statewide Video Franchising. In most cases, these video franchises over-ride local franchises and enable the telephone companies to begin to rollout their services to selected communities on a statewide basis.

Since 2006, a number of states have passed statewide video franchise legislation at the request of the telephone companies, other states are also considering legislation. Language varies between State Bills, but nearly all negatively impact on PEG, limiting the number of channels, cutting revenue streams and eliminating the possibility of future growth.

The telephone companies lobby heavily for these statewide franchises, spending upwards of 30 million on California alone. They promise 'competition' and 'lower prices' and pitch these as consumer bills, but in areas where telco video services have launched, prices largely remaind the same.

Below is a run down of current state video franchises. These bills move fast and are difficult to track, cross check our info here with Free Press to ensure you have the latest info.

Active State Legislation Bills likely to return in the next Legislative sessions.
Massachusetts Stalled Bill
Minnesota Stalled Bill
New York Stalled Bill
Tennessee Active Bill
Utah Stalled Bill
Washington Stalled Bill
Colorado Failed Bill
Louisiana Failed Bill
Maine Failed Bill
Pennsylvania Failed Bill

Passed State Legislation
Missouri Passed 3/22/07
New Jersey
North Carolina
South Carolina
South Dakota

Colorado Legislation

Florida Legislation

Georgia Legislation

Illinois Legislation

Iowa Legislation

Louisiana Legislation

Maine Legislation

Massachusetts Legislation

Michigan Legislation

Minnesota Legislation

Missouri Legislation

New York Legislation

Ohio Legislation

Pennsylvania Legislation

Tennessee Legislation

Utah Legislation

Washington Legislation

Wisconsin Legislation