SC: Is Public TV In Peril?

Posted on February 18, 2008 - 3:07pm.

from: Columbia City Paper

Is Public TV In Peril?
By Todd Morehead
February 14 12:35 PM

One year from now, television as we know it will change forever. For those who haven’t yet purchased a converter box, are not cable subscribers or don’t have a compatible TV, the screen will go dark on Feb. 17, 2009 as the industry switches from broadcasting a traditional analog signal to a digital one. The “DTV switch,” as it has come to be known, will not only facilitate the continued progression toward high definition systems but will also free up the 700 MHz spectrum for the creation of more standardized public safety communications. In the background, the FCC has plans to auction a chunk of that vacated analog spectrum to large wireless and telecom companies like Verizon and Google. Some analysts predict the sale could fetch up to $15 billion dollars. Meanwhile, many Democrats on Capitol Hill worry that an unprepared and under funded FCC has not adequately educated the general public about the DTV switch.

South Carolina Approves Statewide Video Franchise Bill

Posted on May 18, 2006 - 5:49am.

South Carolina joins a number of other states where the telcos have won statewide franchises

from:Technology Daily

South Carolina Approves Bill For Statewide Video Franchises

By Michael Martinez

(Revised Wednesday, May 17) The South Carolina Legislature has cleared a measure to overhaul the state's video franchising rules.

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